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You don't have to burn yourself out to make more money.

You can build a profitable business while freeing up more time to create the life you dream of. 

Your Step-by-step Guide To Automating using the Dubsado Workflows

Ready To Save Time, Improve Efficiency &
Scale Your Business 
Without Doing More?

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Having a clear process of how things needed to be done in my business has allowed me to increase my profits while regaining time for myself (no more burnout!). 

And that's why having a good CRM tool like Dubsado is essential, especially if you work on your own...

From capturing leads to moving your clients through the sales process and keeping all client admin in one place, Dubsado is here to help you make things happen! And one of the best features in Dubsado is the workflow feature

The Workflows allow you to automate some of your processes

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You Can Expect...

 Improved efficiency
Better organization

Higher customer service

More free time to take on additional ideal clients

more sales with no extra work!


This Guide On How To Set Up Your
Onboarding Workflows In Dubsado Will:

Dubsado is a great client management tool (CRM) for small business owners & creatives.

Founder of KVM Interior Design, an online firm that supports small interior design firms worldwide through outsourcing. KVM is the perfect solution for designers with an irregular workload as they get the flexibility of getting a designer(s) on board when they need help and avoid overhead costs brought by hiring an employee.


My mission is to help you focus on what you do best and grow your business without feeling burned out. 


This guide is intended to move the needle forward in your business. You don't need to do more to make more!

Hey, I'm Kris

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