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Meet The Team

The KVM team is instrumental in helping our clients decrease their overwhelm, increase the quality of the work they deliver and free up time to be creative. But more than that, they are YOUR team, and whether you need to brainstorm or nail a last minute deadline... they got you.

Your success is our success.

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Kristell Mouries

Originally from a French & Italian background, I've always been passionate about traveling and meeting people. It led me to live in multiple countries (US, UK, Australia, Brazil and Thailand) and work in London for a few years as an interior designer before starting my own online agency.

I'm so proud to work alongside a team of talented international designers to help our clients build a business that gives them more joy and freedom. 

With our support, you'll feel more professional, efficient and creative. You'll also free up a lot of time for rest and family time... Yes, I swear you can have it all.

I look forward to meeting you & hearing more about your business & life goals.

Director, KVM Design

Just a few Of The Designers Who Trust Us Over & Over Again

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