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With streamlined systems that work for you!

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Does it feel like you spend more time doing admin tasks than actual design 

That no matter how much you work, you never seem to get enough done? Let's face it, your time is limited and working more hours isn't sustainable (or healthy).

So how do you grow your business without having to do more?

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Setting up clear systems is key, especially as a small business owner with limited time.

- Feel more organized and professional

You'll feel more in control of your projects when you stop re-inventing the wheel and follow a clear process instead 

- Improve your efficiency & client experience
With the right tools set up, you become faster, more productive and deliver a better experience to your clients.

- Get ready to grow with more ease

With a well documented process, you can automate some steps and on-board others anytime, allowing you to take on more projects without working more.

Using Client & Project Management Tools Is A Must For Your Interior Design Business

Both offer different benefits that will ultimately help you improve your client experience, streamline your project execution and prepare you for growth.

Streamlining Your Processes

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Your Client Management Tool:
Dubsado 1:1 Setup

Dubsado is a popular tool for small business owners & creatives as it's highly customizable. Its many features allow you to stick to one tool instead or 2 or more.

Some benefits of using Dubsado:

✔ Easily track inquiries and manage your clients
✔ Create opt-in forms for you social media and website
✔ Client portal: stay organized and improve the client experience

✔ Automate tasks like answering an inquiry or a reminder and save time!
✔ Contracts can be signed directly on the platform and stored in the portal
✔ Simplify the onboarding process with automated welcome emails and resources.

In this 6-week setup, we will work with you on your processes from lead capture (that's when you receive an inquiry) to the on-boarding of a new client. This part of your process has a lot of potential for automation so we want to streamline this part as much as possible so that you can save time and be more efficient!

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Your Project Management Tool:
ClickUp 1:1 Setup

Imagine being so clear on your project’s timeline that everything flows with more ease, you know exactly when to-dos need to get done, outsourced, or purchased. Wouldn’t it be a relief?

Some benefits of using ClickUp:

✔ Keep track of all the tasks you need to get done at each phase of your project
✔ Set priorities, due dates, check status and more

✔ Assign tasks to your team members & communicate directly under each task card

✔ Get a full calendar overview of the upcoming due dates on ALL projects at a glance 
✔ Simplify the procurement process: keep track of the status, delivery dates, order numbers, etc for all your orders

In this 4-week setup, we'll work based off a template we created for our clients and adapt it to suit YOUR business needs.


Set up the right way, this template will allow you to be more organized, efficient and professional. Not to mention that it’ll give your clients a spotless experience with your company! 

The Investment for the Bundle

USD $1820
(after Oct, 1st, full price $2220)
6-week setup, flexible start until Dec, 22nd

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"All because of you!! Setting up click up was like we need the process documented and streamlined, so I literally just took everything to the next level! So ready and excited!! And focus on bringing in the clients and marketing now. Thank you!"

Chelsea, Places Studio

Not ready for the full experience?

Check out some alternatives...

1:1 Dubsado Setup

Investment: USD $720

Want to know how we'll be working on the setup? Find out more about the timeline and stages here:

1:1 ClickUp Setup

Investment: USD $1500

Want to know how we'll be working on the setup? Find out more about the timeline and stages here:

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"Thank you for the time & effort you put into my Dubsado setup. You were a great listener and paid attention to all the details involved in my requests. Readiness, detailed comprehension with listening skills, promptness and thorough work. Thank you!"

Nicole, Lemontine Design

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