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Ready to automate some of your processes to save time and money, be more efficient and productive & look more professional?

Having processes for how you do things in your business is crucial (even more if you work alone), so that you don't waste time and energy figuring it out for every project.

Having a client management tool like Dubsado is a great way to capture leads, stay organized with your client information, and convert more prospects into paying clients.


Taking it one step further, we have a feature that is fantastic in Dubsado... the Workflows.


By allowing you to automating some of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks, the workflows allow you to save time and money (if dubsado does it for you, you're not paying a VA or worst... doing it yourself!) and prevents you from having to remember everything and everyone you need to follow up on.


In this guide, I am teaching you HOW to set up your onboarding workflows (from lead capture to onboarding new clients) with all the elements you need for a successful set up. Unfortunately, hiring a dubsado expert can cost you a minimum of $2K so if that's not an option, I am giving you everything you need to do it yourself.


The example of workflows I share in this guide are based on my own and my clients' workflows; they work as a great base but you will be able to customize them if you have very specific processes of your own.


In this guide, with a mix of written and video step-by-step instructions, you will get:
- Understand why using a CRM tool like Dubsado is necessary for your business

- Introduced to the workflows

- Your process mapping template to nail down your processes before we get started in Dubsado

- A guide with all the elements we need to create before we build the workflows

- Your step-by-step workflow guide to implement in your account

- BONUS: I am showing you how to customize your workflows so that it's on brand!


As this is a new course and I want to see what you think... you're getting it at a great Beta price! Please email me and tell me what you think!

Dubsado is undeniably a great tool that will help you improve your business' efficiency, organization and automation capacity. Ready?

Your Done-For-You Dubsado Worflows

  • 3 PDF workbooks:

    01. This guide explains what a CRM tool is, why Dubsado is a good option and what the workflows are. We then go into the steps we need to take to set up the onboarding workflows - mix of written and video content.

    02. Process Mapping Template - gives you an example of process mapping based on my own clients. Easy to edit to match your own processes.

    03. Step-by-step guide on how to set up the workflows in Dubsado - mix of written and video content.

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