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Imagine being so clear on your project’s timeline that everything flows with more ease, you know exactly when things need to happen, when to issue briefs to your outsourcing team and when to reach out to contractors/ vendors. Wouldn’t it feel great? 

Having a project management software is essential for your business, particularly as you start growing and have more projects, and this is where ClickUp comes in.

Our ClickUp template allows you to manage every single task that needs to get done for each project/ client and it is already organized by stages of the project:

- General project information

- Project management admin

- On-boarding

- Kick-off meeting

- Design stage

- Install

- Off-boarding


You'll easily be able to edit/ add whatever you need specifically for your business needs. You can add due dates, check statuses and progress of tasks, assign tasks to your team/ vendors/ contractors/ clients and share presentations with them directly in ClickUp.


Expect to increase your efficiency, organization and clarity on timeline - being in control of everything will allow you to grow your business: ready to delegate, clear on what needs to happen and when, who is doing what, etc.


And the consequence of you being so efficient? You will increase your client experience and turnaround time!


BONUS: Also get a template for the procurement/ order tracking process!


Organize all the products for each project by room and easily review what the status of each product is (to order, ordered, in transit) 

Project Management ClickUp Template

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