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Save time and elevate your client experience with these email templates. They are easy to edit and implement in your processes. If you use a CRM tool like Dubsado, these are great to add into your workflows as you can easily automate most of them! 


The 26 emails included in the package:

- Thanks for your inquiry

- Not a good fit

- Please book your discovery call

- Your discovery call is confirmed

- Our call is coming up

- Thank you for your time today

- Not a good fit

- We received your questionnaire

- Your Consultation is confirmed

- Your Consultation is coming up

- Thank you for your time!

- Please fill out this questionnaire

- We haven’t received your questionnaire

- Your questionnaire is complete!
- Here’s your proposal
- Reminder to sign proposal
- Yay! Let’s get started
- Your contract is ready
- Payment is due
- Payment is overdue
- Here’s your welcome packet
- Your client portal details
- Your design is ready for review!
- Post-design call is confirmed
- Confirm the design proposal
- Letter of agreement is ready
- We’d love your feedback

Email Templates for Interior Designers

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