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Want to grow your interior design business? Stop doing this!

Updated: Jun 3

I just couldn't believe that this would make me grow my business.

A few years ago, I met my finance mentor who saw me make consistent 3K months and work way too much. I am talking 3K in sales, which meant that I had expenses to pay, leaving very little for myself.

director kvm design
I tripled my income in 4 months

Here are some things that she helped me understand:

1. I needed to stop working like an employee and step up as a CEO (stop earning for the hours I put in but focus on the key tasks that would move the needle forward)

2. Being the business owner did not mean that I had to overwork and try to do everything myself.

3. I’d never be able to go far on my own and I needed to find the right support based on my goals

When I stopped trying to do it all myself, and instead:

1. Delegated to the right help (=experts in their field who are better/ faster/ cheaper than me at doing the tasks)

2. Was clear on my goals and had a strategy in place to reach those goals

3. Focused on my clients’ pain points and how I could improve our offer to help them

4. Let my team do what they do best and focused on my zone of genius (stop micro-managing or overstep)

I started to see the results almost instantly!

In less than 4 months, we reached 12K in sales. My expenses, of course, increased too but my income increased considerably and I was working WAY LESS!

By delegating, you not only increase the quality of what you deliver to your clients (experts doing the work vs you trying to be good at everything, which only makes you mediocre at everything) but you also allow your business to grow because you aren’t just paid for the hours YOU put in.

Less is absolutely more and you will never grow if you try to save your way to success. Surround yourself with the right people who will bring more value to your business/ clients.

If you are still struggling to delegate, we have resources to help you better estimate so that you can submit your proposals feeling confident that you'll be able to delegate as much as needed AND make the profits you want.

Ready? Head over to our service page and book a call with me. x


Do you know how you start a business because you want more freedom and more time with your family but then you end up glued to your phone worrying about deadlines? KVM is committed to supporting interior designers with tasks that sit outside their zone of genius so that they can focus on what matters most to them. The result is that they can grow their business without the cost and hassle of having full-time employees. And we can help you do the same!

director kvm design

Kristell Valentina Mouries

Director, KVM Design

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