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6 Ways To Use ClickUp for Project Management

Start growing your business by learning how to use ClickUp efficiently.

It's no accident you found this post. As business owners, we all deal with projects. At first, everything feels really manageable. Hey, isn't this easy? However, as your business grows and you take more clients, projects, and team members, it's easy to become unorganized. Things start to slip through the cracks that even small tasks can't be accomplished! You find yourself, your business, your projects, and team members totally scattered.

Having a good understanding of better managing your projects will not only help you to stay on top of everything, but it can also help grow your business. Today, we will explore how to use ClickUp efficiently and help you get back on track!

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is an efficient and effective all-in-one project management tool. It manages people, projects, and everything in between. ClickUp's mission is to save time by making people more productive and giving back at least 20% of time to dedicate to the things you love.

The Hierarchical Structure of ClickUp

Below is the hierarchal use for project management on ClickUp.


How to Use ClickUp for Project Management

Create Templates

ClickUp lets you create templates for each project or task, especially if you have repetitive projects and processes. It helps you quickly replicate these lists of tasks and to-dos in the future. At KVM Interior Design, we use this feature to ensure our weekly emails and blogs get out on time.

Custom Dashboards

Similar with creating templates, one of the ways on how to use ClickUp is it lets you customize dashboards. By using dashboards, you can compile information on your client's project both inside and outside ClickUp. You and your client will be amazed by ClickUp's organization!

Faster Task Management

ClickUp allows faster task management, such as highlighting multiple tasks to edit them all at once. You can change due dates, delete multiple tasks, or move them elsewhere.

Manage Documents

Another way on how to use ClickUp is managing all of your documents! You can also create, edit, and view comments on documents.

Time Tracking

ClickUp can help you manage projects and tasks that are taking up the most time. It can track time directly so you can ensure accurate billing and create time management solutions where needed!

Track and Manage Emails

Create an organized inbox with ClickUp! It makes tracking emails easier. Plus, you can assign tasks from your inbox, give your team access to incoming requests, and send screenshots of your emails without actually logging into your email account.

Take your business to the next level with ClickUp!

See you next time!

Kristell Valentina Mouriès

Director, KVM Design

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