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Get Your Interior Design Proposals Validated Faster!

3D renders are becoming more and more popular and there are lots of reasons why you should consider adding 3D rendering to your presentations.

How do your client presentations look like?

Do your clients feel excited, eager, happy when you present your proposals?

Or do they feel confused, unclear, or keep wanting to see 'more options'?

Let's look at five reasons why you should be adding 3D renders to your interior design presentations.

These five reasons contribute to better communication with the clients and other parties involved, higher client understanding about your vision for their space and a streamlined design process.

1. Help Your Clients Visualize Your Proposal

Put yourself in your clients' shoes.

Most people have never seen a floor plan in their life and many struggle to understand what something that's 2D on a piece of paper will look like in 3D. It's our job as professionals to ensure that we can easily share our vision with our clients without them feeling 'bad' or stressed out because they don't get it.

In some cases, presenting them with 'too many' samples/ fabric options is equally as overwhelming because they are worried they will make the wrong choice. So how do we make this easier on them? 3D renders are a wonderful way to help them visualize your vision for their space, exactly as it will be once it's completed. They can like, love or hate it but it's at least the fastest way to get their reaction and know if you're going in the right direction.

A 3D will give them an understanding of both the spatial elements (space planning) and how they'll be able to move around and how it will 'feel' to be in the room.

2. It's All About The Experience

With 3D rendering, your clients will be able to virtually walk through their space... How cool is that?! Don't make them feel bad for not being able to understand your proposal. They've invested a bunch of money on your services and making them excited about what you've been up to will only reinforce their trust in you as their designer. They'll gain more confidence about the project and will want to get to the next phase faster, which takes me to number three...

3. Validate The Design Proposal Faster

If they can visualize the proposal and get excited about what they see, they will validate the proposal faster! Save time, cut costs by ensuring that there is no misunderstandings about the design proposal. When clients are confused, they tend to request more options, more samples and still can't make up their minds! This leaves you wasting weeks or months of your own time working on more options, going to more showrooms, feeling more stressed and upset... It's a never ending loop.

4. The More Detailed, The Better!

When we work on realistic 3D renders, we go deep into detailing: everything is as it will be built, cabinet details, recessed lighting, and so on...

You can use the 3Ds for your clients, for vendors and for contractors...

While you should be issuing construction blueprints to them, sharing 3D images may add an extra layer of understanding and avoid miscommunication.

5. Enhance Your Marketing

You can use 3D renders to share progress on your projects on social media. Keep your leads interested by showing them how you work and what your design process is. Adding 3D renders will make them excited and potentially help you sign more clients. It's also a great marketing resource if you only do e-design and do not have high quality photos of your finished projects... use 3D renders!

They will still help you showcase your projects and help you show up as a skilled and established interior designer.

To sum up, 3D renders have so much potential for your client presentations and I highly recommend that you try to include them in your services as much as possible. They will help your clients visualize your proposal and make them more excited, it's going to help vendors, contractors and clients understand the fine details of your design proposal and help save you time and cut on cost. Finally, they will be a great resource for marketing purposes.

This summer, get your 3D renders done with us and get 20% OFF our hourly rate. Just get in touch using the contact button on our website.


Do you know how you start a business because you want more freedom and more time with your family but then you end up glued to your phone worrying about deadlines? KVM is committed to supporting interior designers with tasks that sit outside their zone of genius so that they can focus on what matters most to them. The result is that they can grow their business without the cost and hassle of having full-time employees. And we can help you do the same!

director kvm design

Kristell Valentina Mouries

Director, KVM Design

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