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Outsourcing to KVM Will Help You Take Your Interior Design Firm To The Next Level

 Keep Focus on What You Do (& Like) Best
 Make More Without Doing More
 Less Overwhelm, More Clarity


Outsourcing Your Interior Design Tasks Can Help You Nail Your Deadlines, Give You More Control Of Your Time & Increase Your Profits


There are several reasons why outsourcing may be right for you & your business:

If your workload is irregular, avoid the overhead costs of hiring an employee and outsource when you need help.

✔ Having access to a team of designers means that you don't have to worry about being left alone with a tight deadline. Our team is highly flexible and doesn't work within the normal 9-5.

✔ No need to worry about finding someone who can do it all. Our designers complement each other to handle all your interior design needs.

You can start focusing on key areas of your projects (your zone of genius!) while your remote team handles the technical and admin tasks.


Working with KVM is great if you work on your own & miss the support you'd get from working with a team. We're always up for a brainstorming session (if you want to!) & want to see you thrive!

Why Do I Need To Get On A Call Before Starting?


Are We A Good Match?

My favorite part is getting to know you! We both need to ensure that we're a good fit & that communication is easy so that we can establish a long-lasting relationship.


Clarity On Best Service

If outsourcing is right for you, I'll help you figure out what your zone of genius is & what tasks you should be delegating based on your budget, skills & likes/ dislikes


Reviewing Your Business Needs

I'll sit down with you to understand if now is a good time to outsource. It may not make sense depending on where you're at & where you want to get to.


Reducing The Overwhelm

Delegating can sound daunting! If you've always worked on your own, blocks & doubt can creep in. I'll walk you through the process and answer any questions. We got you!

No More Feeling Overwhelmed!
We Made It Easy To Delegate 


After our call, you'll receive an on-boarding kit to facilitate the process of delegating (we're all about saving you time!). You'll get an easy-to-use dashboard to add & manage your projects.

unnamed (1).png

Have a project for us? Buy some hours, add your task to the dashboard and sit back. Our operations manager will assign it to the most suitable designer & keep you in the loop so you know where we're at.

unnamed (2).png

Before your deadline, we'll send you a link to the files for your review. Once they're approved, feel free to keep the raw files to tweak them as needed during the project life cycle.

What Our Clients Say

I can't even begin to tell you how great KVM and her team are! Right from the beginning Kris took a real interest in my business. Over the past year I feel that Kris has really been a key partner in growing and elevating my business... and best of all...I just DOUBLED my usual first quarter earnings! If you are looking to elevate your game, look no further. KVM is the best team mate you could ask for!

Paula-Lyn, Paula-Lyn Interiors

Screen Shot 2565-06-01 at 16.27_edited.jpg


founded KVM Interior Design to support small interior design firms worldwide through outsourcing. 

Originally from a French & Italian background, I've always been passionate about travelling, which led me to live in multiple countries, including London where I worked for a few years before starting my own online agency.

I now work alongside a team of talented international designers to help my clients nail their deadlines, focus on their zone of genius and, ultimately, allow them to scale their business while regaining more freedom.

Our priority is to give you the support you need to feel more professional, organized and stress-free, especially if you work on your own. We truly believe that you can find that kind of support in a remote team and we’re here to prove it. 


Kristell Valentina Mouries

Director, KVM Design




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Chelsea Albright, WA DC

"Working with KVM is a game changer!

Delegating design tasks that can be done better and faster has opened us up to take on more projects, give designing more attention & communicate intent to our clients much easier. If you are hustling to do everything yourself, you need a team like KVM! Their fees are flexible and easy to build into your client billing and they are so organized and do a phenomenal job! They have allowed me to grow in new ways and I'm forever grateful for Kristell for creating a business that allows ua all to focus on the areas of interiors that we love the most"


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